Kilim Exhibition at de Young Museum

Anatolian Kilim

Anatolian Kilim (image by de Young Museum)

San Francisco is hosting an exhibition of Anatolian Kilims at the de Young Fine Arts Museums: The Art of the Anatolian Kilim. A kilim is a type of rug that is usually tapestry-woven and very colorful. Anatolian kilims are considered to be some of the finest kilims in existence.

At the exhibition visitors get the chance to see about two dozen fine kilims dating as early as the 15th century. These kilims are showcased by McCoy Jones and his wife Caroline. de Young Museum provides curated tours of the exhibition most days over the holidays at 12.30pm. The full schedule of tours are available here.

Poetic and Chic has a very informative post on the exhibition here. Apartment Therapy also has a post along with a few pictures from the exhibition.

Turkish Cultural Foundation is one of the main sponsors of the exhibition.

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