A remarkable experience: Demet Sağıroğlu & NY Gypsy All-Stars at Drom NYC

The Turkspot team spent the night at New York City’s Drom on Saturday, May 14. The line-up, even though we weren’t really familiar with the band at the time, looked pretty promising: NY Gypsy All-Stars and special guest, Demet Sağıroğlu.

Drom - Bar AreaFirst, a few words on Drom NYC… This Turkish-owned and operated club offers a both cozy and chic atmosphere – doesn’t sound like your usual combination, right? The place caters to different crowds; featuring concerts and performances by soul&funk, electric, jazz artists and bands as well as famous Turkish performers (see the list of artists). Besides the glamorous musical experience, kudos to the interior designer of this place – nice bar area with a decent dance floor and stylish seating area with comfy seats and ottomans all around the place. We didn’t dine here, however according to their website, the kitchen offers Tapas style Turkish and Mediterranean dining. All in all, the ambiance is very pleasant.

Now, more on the stars of the night… Demet Sağıroğlu is a well-known singer in Turkey, a very beautiful, strong voice which we were fortunate to experience live! Demet started her music career as the back vocal to Kayahan, considered one of the masters of the Turkish pop music. Later in 1994, she released her first album, ‘Kınalı Bebek’, an immediate and long-lasting success. Listen to the most popular song from this album with the most brilliant music video of its time!

Demet SağıroğluDemet’s live performance is really worth watching, her singing is very soft and smooth and very adaptable to the band’s style.

Talking about the band… Wowww! NY Gypsy All-Stars is a wonderful combination of very talented musicians from Greece to Macedonia to Turkey and to Brooklyn. The lead of the group, Ismail Lumanovski, is a notable virtuosic clarinet genius. He is accompanied by Tamer Pınarbaşı, the fingers behind the beautiful Quanun; Panagiotis Andreou, the 2010 ‘Best Latin Jazz Bassist’; Jason Linder, the keyboard player who is also a composer and an arranger; and finally Engin Günaydın, the drummer who we got to meet in person and tried to trick into performing in the DC area 🙂

NY Gypsy All-Stars’ music, as the name implies, is Gypsy style – a theme from the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Hence, the melodies are very familiar to the Turkish crowd. One amazing fact is that they played almost all night long and never lost their energy and enthusiasm. During our conversation with Demet Sağıroğlu (yeah, we got to chat with her, too!!), she also expressed her admiration towards the band. That’s probably why she ended up going back to the stage after her gig. NY Gypsy All-Stars is one impressive band we’ll be keeping an eye on, for sure!

NY Gypsy All-Stars

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