Upcoming Concerts: maSKott (NYC, Boston) and Hadise (FL)

We are back with more concert news from maSKott and Hadise!

maSKottmaSKott, spun out from Kargo and formed by Koray Candemir and Serkan Çeliköz, will be performing in New York on April 22nd and in Boston on April 23rd. After performing in Seattle last year, they had a series of concerts in Turkey December through February. Now they will be entertaining their fans in the North East.

Down in the South, Hadise, who represented Turkey in 2009 at the Eurovision Song Contest with Düm Tek Tek, will play a gig at Hallandale, Florida on April 21st. She recently released a new album called ‘Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer?’ and will be introducing her new songs at this concert.

Now little bit of trivia:

  • HadisemaSKott members live in Seattle, WA, when they are not in Istanbul.
  • Kargo, Candemir and Çeliköz’s previous band, partnered with Mirkelam and released an album named RRDP in 2010.
  • Hadise was born in Belgium.
  • Hadise was in the USA last year when the Turkish National Soccer Team played friendlies in the USA. She even sang the Turkish National Anthem before one of these games.

You can tube maSKott’s latest video Melekler Şehri right here:

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