Rosemary’s Thyme Restaurant – Review

You know Turkspot Team visited 3 Turkish restaurants during the Turkish Restaurant Week in Washington, D.C. We already reviewed Ezme which served delicious food. Now it’s time to review our second stop, Rosemary’s Thyme Bistro in Dupont Circle.

Lamb Kebab

Lamb Kebab

Rosemary’s Thyme has a decent-sized dining area, much larger than that of Ezme’s. There is outdoor seating, and the chairs and tables are not like those cheap metal stuff; they are definitely hand-picked, wooden furniture. We observed that outdoor seating is more suitable for groups of 4 – maybe up to 6. Since we had more people, we had to sit inside.

The indoor seating area was not bad either. The seats were comfortable and were accompanied by very nice paintings on the walls. Our server was very friendly and accommodating for special requests. She knew well what she was serving.

Cappuccino Flan

Cappuccino Flan

We started with a meze platter. We had a roll of sigara böreği, stuffed grape leaves, feta cheese, and eggplant puree. All of these were delicious. That eggplant puree, wow. Haven’t tasted eggplant that good for a while.

Then we got some salad. There wasn’t really anything special about the salad. We were expecting something like what is known to be ‘Greek Salad’, but it was regular greens. The dressing was good, but that’s all.

Then came the main dishes. We had lamb kebab, chicken kebab, and hünkar beğendi. Lamb kebab, again, was ordinary. Beans that were served with the kebab, on the other hand, were very delicious. We had to ask our server which spices were in the beans. The chicken kebab was average quality, with some people complaining about burnt pieces and a small portion. Again, our hünkar beğendi expert ordered, you guessed correct, hünkar beğendi. The meat was good but was served with a lot of tomato based sauce (usually hünkar beğendi is served with little sauce if any). There was very little eggplant puree beneath the meat and its taste was lost in the sauce of the meat.



Following the main dish, we had dessert. Cappuccino flan (pictured above) was awesome, but I have to admit that  I love any dessert with coffee, and I love raspberries. So there was no way I would not like that. Still, it was pretty good. We also had baklava with walnuts which was served warm. The top layers were the best: crispy and not too sweet. The lower layers were also OK, but they soaked up the syrup when baklava was warmed up, so it was a little bit soggy.

We finalized our quest with Turkish coffee. The coffee itself was good, no complaints on that front. However, they did not really have nice coffee cups. A few of us had their coffee in espresso cups. They look similar, but it is not the same experience without the traditional coffee cups. Then we realized some of us were served their coffee in large mugs… And they were half full since traditional cups are small and they made coffee enough for the traditional cups. They didn’t even fill the whole mug when they were serving. That looked totally ridiculous. Just an fyi…

Overall, we had an average experience. We will go back some time in the future and request outdoor seating. However, we won’t keep our hopes too high.

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